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Software for Squares.

There are over 200,000 evangelical churches in the United States (and many more worldwide). The vast majority of these churches aren't cool, edgy or hip places; their decor is a bit dated, their congregations have a lot of collective gray hair, they are the furthest thing from cool.

Yet, if you were to look at the Youtube videos, Facebook ads, and instagram posts put out by the church software industry, you'd think that every church is a hip, southern California style megachurch, every church service is a hands-in-the-air experience, and every congregation looks exactly like the crowd at Starbucks.

Is this what your church looks like?

Is this what your church looks like?

It just isn't so in real life.

While there are plenty of hip churches, most of us are square, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Not only are most of us square, most churches are small. According to every study I've ever read, (as well as experience), the vast majority of Evangelical Churches have less than 100 regular attendees.

Among that number, a large percentage (although maybe not a majority) are traditional and don't ever plan to change that.

Without apology, we want to be the church software company for the squares. We hope our websites and software works for all kinds of churches, from edgy latte-sipping mega-churches to log-cabin country micro-churches with monthly bluegrass sings (I know of one). But we are focused on the needs of smaller, traditional churches.

Here is what my church looks like, (and I LOVE my church):

When we make tools, we aren't envisioning them being used by Carl Lentz or Stephen Furtick, we are envisioning them being used by the 65 year old pastor who has been faithfully serving a church of 90 for the last twenty-five years.

If you are more J.C. Penney or L.L. Bean than you are Supreme or Urban Outfitters, if you are more Ford than Tesla, if you are more McDonald's than Starbucks - then we are on your side and we are making tools with you in mind.