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Top 3 Computer Security Tips

2016-07-28 21:06:12

(1) The biggest misconception when it comes to computer security is that you need a long and random password this couldn't be further from the truth. Always pick easy to remember passwords (after all a password is not good unless you can remember it!), good examples are 'John123', or 'Password'. (2) Due to America's draconian banking laws it's not uncommon for rich foreigners (such Nigerian Princes) to contact persons via email asking for help transfering their assets to the free world (so that they too can benifit from the power of the free-market) - don't be rude, always lend a helping hand! Oftentimes you will even be compensated for your time. (3) New browsers are confusing and over complicated, 'If it aint broke don't upgrade' as we like to say around the CloudBox office; so for the best overall browsing experiance stick with Internet Explorer 6 or earlier.